About Us

We are a small group of friends who came together with a common dream to create a habitat which supports sustainable and natural living. With this dream in mind, by 2012, we acquired about 20 acres of land which was a combination of natural forest and farmland. 
Maitri is located in village Chandore, taluka Mangaon of district Raigad in Maharashtra.  It is off the road connecting Mangaon to Dive Agar/Harihareshwar/Shrivardhan.
This is in north Konkan.
Maitri is home.
Maitri feeds our body, mind, and soul.
Maitri is a katta for like minded people.
Maitri is an enabler for greater possibilities.
At Maitri,
We respect Earth and People.
We have time on our side.

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  1. Hello Sir, It was exciting to read your blog and know about your sustainable farming initiative. I am an Architect by Profession currently based in Dubai but with a view of doing something similar in 2016 when I return to Pune my hometown. Would you happen to know of any farmland similar to yours in your vicinity? Its always good to have like minded neighbors who DON't want to develop lavish resorts!! I would appreciate all help in this regard and even a possible idea of the rates per acre. I am an art lover and hope to set-up a tribal arts centre in the future encouraging local village artisans to produce their wares for direct sale to tourists to pass on maximum benefit to the locals. Look forward to your positive response and wish you all the best in your venture.

    Anirudha Phadke
    +971505398994 (Dubai cell phone)